As a full-service book editor, there are many ways I can help you, depending on your needs and the stage of development of your book. I offer evaluation, editing, ghosting and coaching services to get your manuscript (ms.) in shape for publication. I can also help you with your marketing materials, including writing or editing a book proposal.  Below are the details for the services I offer.

Manuscript Evaluation

Before I edit your ms., I do a Manuscript Evaluation of the content and writing style to give you valuable feedback and direction.  An Evaluation also tells me what will be needed in terms of editing your ms. for a final draft.

Fees: $295 for the first 50 pages.

Editing Services

I offer a range of editing services, depending on the needs I identify in your Manuscript Evaluation.

Line Edit (grammar, punctuation, formatting, sentence structure, word choice, etc.).
Developmental/Content Edit/Coaching (organization, tone and voice, transitions, additional writing).

Fees: Determined by consultation.


A coaching program is ideal for authors who have a book inside them (or sketched out, even half-written!), but for one reason or another, haven’t produced a final manuscript for publication.Through one-on-one support sessions, I coach you to generate text, organize content, and develop voice and tone, so you can write your own book.

Times and dates are by arrangement, but typically we meet for one hour each week on the phone for ongoing direction and feedback. I set up a structure for accountability with weekly assignments, including me reading your text and giving you feedback and direction on text you send me. My editorial services on a final ms. are available at additional cost.

Ghost Writing Services

Fees: By consultation.

Marketing Materials

A Book Proposal is needed to sell your ms. to a commercial publisher.  You will also need a Query Letter to introduce and interest agents and/or publishers in your book.  I can write these materials for you, or edit drafts you write yourself.

Book Proposal: Fee by consultation.
Agent/Publisher Query Letter: $225

See Marketing Support for more details.