Author Testimonials

  Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine (Scribner 1997)
Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d with Nancy Marriott (Hay House 2006)

“Nancy Marriott is a rare find, a writer/editor with people skills! I could count on her for clear and concise communication, as well as brilliant insights and ideas for how to write my book. She met every deadline and was even ahead a few times. Thanks to her flexibility, we wrote Molecules of Emotion in just six months, using e-mail and phone interviews, and for our second book together, Everything You Need to Know…, she was with me at every stage, even helped write the proposal that got us our generous advance.”

DR. CANDACE PERT, Internationally Recognized Neuroscientist who appeared in the popular film, What the Bleep Do We Know!?

Own Your Self: The Surprising Path Beyond Depression, Anxiety, and Fatigue to Reclaiming Your Authenticity, Vitality, and Freedom, with Nancy Marriott 
(Hay House 2019)

“One of the most refreshing aspects of a creative relationship is clear delineation of skills, expertise, and responsibilities. Nancy Marriott has a crystalline mind that is undaunted by the complexity of co-authorship, even in controversial content terrain. She held a vision Own Your Self that felt like a lighthouse in the dark, and she continued to orient me with the organizational clarity that she is uniquely capable of. Nancy is gifted in ways that render effortless aspects of book writing that would have left my book collecting dust as an early draft for years to come, and I would recommend her to anyone who has big, beautiful ideas, loves to write, but simply doesn’t know (or care to know!) the anatomy of the book writing process, its nuances, or ultimate editorial execution. I’m so grateful!”

—DR. KELLY BROGAN, Holistic Psychiatrist and Author of the New York Times bestseller, A Mind of Your Own.

Discover Your Purpose: How to Use the 5 Life Purpose Profiles to Unlock Your Hidden Potential and Live the Life You Were Meant to Live
(Tarcher/Penguin 2015)

“Nancy took over 600 pages of my downloaded thoughts from my experience as an energy medicine practitioner and workshop leader, and brilliantly spun them into what became my first book, Discover Your Purpose. She also wrote the book proposal that landed me a deal with a major publisher, and a sizable advance for this first time author. We then went on to produce The Missing Piece, a short e-book on my profile methodology and a third book applying those same principles to business, The Power of Purpose in Business.  Nancy brought her keen understanding of spirituality, metaphysics, meditation, and personal growth to all these projects in a way that was organized and insightful, with the added benefit of her excellent communication skills.”  

RHYS THOMAS, Author, Speaker, and Teacher in the Field of Energy Medicine. Creator of the Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profile System and Founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute.

Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence 
(Hampton Roads 2000)

“Nancy Marriot has guided me in the development, continuity, clarity and form of my latest book, Emergence. I love working with her. She is familiar with the subject matter of human potential and spiritual matters, and brings professional upgrading to my more ‘flights of fancy’ writings. She is always timely and helpful. I highly recommend her.”

BARBARA MARX HUBBARD, International Speaker and Futurist, Co-founder of Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Love, Norm: Dr. Norman D. Fintel on Equality and Courage in a World Calling for Change
(Self-published 2019)

“This book never would have seen the light of day without Nancy’s expertise and relentless support.  Stepping in just as I discovered 470 of my dad’s lifetime writings, Nancy helped me synthesize the enormity of his story with her brilliant editorial coaching that went far beyond what was in our contract. As a long-standing member of my charitable organization, Dining for Women, Nancy understood that Norm’s legacy lives on in our mission and that the world would want to hear his miracle message.” 

—BARBARA FINTEL COLLINS, Cofounder of Dining for Women, the largest global giving circle network dedicated to advancing gender equality and well-being for women and girls around the world.

Screwnomics: How Our Economy Works Against Women and Real Ways to Make Lasting Change
(She Writes Press 2018)

“I’ve worked as an editor and taught writing for
years, but when it came to my own work, I knew I still needed an editor. Nancy Marriot’s fresh and skilled eyes, her organized and kind direction helped me to tighten a complex work and transition more smoothly. She was ingenious with directing the work’s overall flow, adding details and cutting others, all while taking great care with my intent and my voice. Nancy is not only a professional, she’s a caring accomplice.”  

RICKEY GARD DIAMOND, Journalist, Novelist, and Editor

The Zone of Connection: Shift Your Energy to Happiness, Love & Beyond
(LID Publishing 2019)

“After an extensive search we found Nancy and instantly felt we had discovered a real gem. From the outset she showed the special quality of listening and empathizing whilst providing insight, guidance and clarity. She was a delight to work with and we always looked forward to our sessions with her. Her professionalism, willingness to go the extra mile, depth of experience, wisdom, attention to detail and commitment to deadlines means that she is a very safe pair of hands. Her brilliance shines out through her artistry with words and finesse in getting the detail right. She has the rare ability to use language to encapsulate messages that concisely impact the audience and keep their engagement. We will work with Nancy in the future and would whole heartedly recommend her.”

SUE COYNE and PENNY MALLINSON, Coaches and Co-Founders of Connectiveness

The Hidden Messages in Food: Use Your Relationship with Food to Unlock Your True Potential
(Balboa Press 2018)

“Nancy was my editor for The Hidden Messages in Food, by my side from the beginning of the project. She not only gave my words more literary style, but she helped me organize and develop the content. With her mature grasp of mind-body principles, Eastern philosophy, and alternative medicine, she was able to help me get my message across in a book that now supports my business as a holistic nutritional consultant and speaker. I highly recommend Nancy for your next writing project.”

TERI MOSEY, PH.D., International Speaker, Wellness Consultant, and Health-supportive Chef. 

Wired for God: Adventures of a Jewish Yogi
(Turning Stone Press 2017)

“Initially, Nancy helped me with a developmental edit of my memoir. Her insightful comments and questions allowed me to fill in missing pieces of my narrative. Her feedback on the manuscript gave me the confidence to continue writing. Later, she helped me write a book proposal that enabled me to find a publisher. I am so grateful for her help and would highly recommend her services for any stage of the writing process.”

DANI ANTMAN, Internationally Known Energy Healer and Interfaith Minister

A Woman’s Best Medicine for Menopause
(McGraw-Hill 2002)

“Nancy Marriott is an absolute joy to work with. She is competent, clear-headed, well-organized and fulfills her commitments on time. She is upbeat and encouraging, and at the same time always honest and straightforward. She has excellent literary judgment and a lively and creative writing style. She is also fair, reasonable and understanding in business matters. I found her to be the assistant I had always dreamed of in the writing of my book.”

—NANCY K LONSDORF, Medical Director, Maharishi Vedic Health Center, Fairfield IA.

Survival of the Soul
(Hay House 2010)

“I couldn’t have written Survival of the Soul without your hard work, love, and passion for this book. You have been a blessing in my life, and I hope that this is just the start of a harmonious relationship.”

LISA WILLLIAMS, Internationally acclaimed Medium and Clairvoyant

Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out 
(Simon & Schuster Free Press 2008)

“Nancy helped me in the final stages of my book Happy for No Reason to flesh out the chapters, bringing her knowledge of the mind-body connection to the ms.  She turned the job around quickly, given a very close deadline, and she was easy and fun to work with.”

MARCI SHIMOFF, Best-selling Author

Collaboration Soup: A Six-Step Recipe for Co-Creative Meetings and Other Conversations 
(Self-published 2011)

“Having never written a book before, we had no idea what to expect regarding working with an editor. Nancy Marriott was a tremendous asset and member of our team, not only for her professional ability but because of her encouragement, support, and guidance. She smoothed our rough writing edges and helped us translate our concepts into a simple format that was easy for others to read and understand. She was efficient and fun to work with. Our book would not have happened without Nancy’s invaluable expertise.”

DELIA HOROWITZ and PAULA VIGNEAULT, Consultants and Business Owners

The Practical New Age Thinker:
A Guide to Empowerment through Aligning Goals & Purpose
(CreateSpace 2018)

“Nancy is an amazing editor who didn’t shy away from the challenge of taking a manuscript that lacked the necessary structure and fluidity to help me turn it into a book that I’m quite proud of. Her professionalism and interest in providing insight for the betterment of the work was extremely helpful as I continued to develop certain concepts and ideas throughout the course of working on this project with her. Nancy not only helped me shape the direction of the book, but is someone who quickly became a “trusted advisor, and that I would feel privileged to work with again.  I highly recommend working with her.”

—JEFF GOLDBERG, Author and Entrepreneur